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Happy Birthday Dae Sung!

today,the big day for dae sung 😀


Leave Your Birthday Wishing In This Post!


[NEWS] It’s boy meets girl on SBS Family Outing


It’s boy meets girl on SBS Family Outing


Members of Korea’s representative idol group So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and Big Bang DaeSung has met for a pure and romantic ‘date’.

YoonA has appeared as guest appearance on SBS Family Outing on 22nd February. With YoonA’s appearance, DaeSung once again cannot run away from the talk about the previously discussed ’scandal’ where he had exchanged phone messages with member of a certain female idol group.

But when it comes to making a bean-paste soup and a certain vegetable Shepherd’s purse was needed, DaeSung had went out to dig for the plant together with YoonA.

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[NEWS] Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung to start their university life


Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung to start their university life


Big Bang GDragon and DaeSung will be attending the GyeongHee Univeristy’s OT for 2D1N from 21st to 22nd February in KangWonDo SokCho. Even amongst their busy schedule, the 2 had decided to do their duties as a student to attend.

GDragon and DaeSung will enter for GyeongHee University Arts and Design School’s post-modern music course in March.

YG Entertainment said, “Both the company and the boys themselves have hoped to devote to campus life as much as possible.”

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[News] Daesung calls Mr. YG during Family Outing


‘YG’s President’ Yang Hyun Suk, ‘Family Outing’ Voice Appears

YG Enetertainment’s head Yang Hyun Suk let himself out on a broadcast finally, with his voice on SBS ‘Family Outing.’

According to a YG Enertainment representative on the 7th, Yang Hyun Suk and ‘Family Outing’ had a phone call the end of last year.

This staff said, “Yang Hyun Suk was resting at his house when YG Big Bang’s Daesung who appears on ‘Family Outing’ had called suddenly.”

To this, “Usually Daesung and Yang Hyun Suk are the relationship of worker and president so it’s a rare chance that they talk on phone,” and “So Yang Hyun Suk was surprised when he first recieved the phone call but still managed to talk calmly.” and explained the situation.

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[News] SM-JYP-YG take on the world in the new year 2009


As we enter into a new year 2009, we see the Big 3 entertainment companies SM-JYP-YG take their turns to venture into overseas market.

But who will be the big winner at the end of the day?

In 2009, we will continue to see SM Entertainment sending his singers like BoA, Dong Bang Shin Ki and Super Junior out of Korea to promote in other countries.

But with YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment announcing their plans for entering into overseas market at the same time, fans are interested in how all these adventures out of Korea will turn out.

    YG Entertainment

And for YG Entertainment, singer Se7en will be also be working on his American debut album the first half of the year with the producer of singers like TLC and Beyonce. Anticipation to how Se7en, who was introduced by the American media as ‘Korea’s Justin Timberlake’ will do in the American market after more than 2 years of preparation for it.

Big Bang is also another group who will be working towards the title of the ‘Asian Star’. They will be releasing and promoting a full Japanese album coming summer after their previous promotion in Japan for single ‘With U’ released last November.

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Dae Sung Love Doraemon



Look At those pictures on top! DaeSung really love doraemon, doraemon costume! He looks cute with the outfit right?
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